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Gevex bv your customs agent in the port of Antwerp.
We are active in the chemical and petrochemical branch. Our company takes care of your import-,export-,storage- and transit documents, whether or not accompanied  by all necessary certificates as CO, EUR1, FORM A and ATR. Next to providing you with the customs documents, we take care of the transport of the documents as well as the follow up.

When importing goods, we prepare and present import documents which allow Belgian imports to be released to:

 - Home use whether or not with relief of duty and preferential treatment when available

 - Home use whether or not with relief or suspense of import vat when available

 and we take all financial actions when they have to be made.


Next to these services, we take care of your excise documents and your excise stock administration. If necessary, we assist you in  audits with the Belgian Customs and Excise Authorities.


In a word, we relieve you from all customs related actions and this with the most accuracy.

We can clear your goods directly through customs!
Gevex can take care of the customs clearence of your goods even if they are stored in a customs warehouse. You will be notified by Gevex if you can start unloading. You also will receive the cleared customs documentation. In case the customs select the goods for a documantary/physical check, Gevex will provide them with the correct documentation. Once the goods are cleared they can be moved to anywhere in the E.U.. Keep in mind if you import goods in the E.U. you maybe have to pay the following taxes:
Anti-dumping  levies, Consumer taxes, Excise duties, Import duties, Vat.
We can provide the necessary documentation to export your goods!
Gevex can issue all kind of customs documents related to export. In case the customs select the goods for a documantary/physical check, they will be provided with the correct documentation by Gevex. You can receive the customs documentation as soon as the goods are released.
We can issue transit documents through NCTS!
Gevex can issue the transit documents T1 and T2 if you want to transfer goods to a new destination without paying customs duties and taxes in the countries  included in the transit agreement. This could be from a warehouse or a direct board to board transhipment. The T-document has to accompany the goods.
We can take care of all customs documentation to bunker in Belgium!
Gevex can look back on many years of experience in the world of bunker supply!
Our team guarantees a smooth handling of all your customs related formalities such as storage documents, transit documents,
excise documents and export documents.
We can also assist you to keep all necessary records according to the rules of your licenses.
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