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General Conditions of Services

1. Except for which has been settled explicit and different below,  all our activities are exclusively subject to the General Conditions of the 

Belgian Forwarding Agents 2005, published in the enclosures of the Belgian Statute Book dd 24 June 2005 with n° 0090237.

The text of these conditions will be sent to you free of charge on your first request.

2. All invoices are payable to the registered office of BVBA Gevex within 30 days from the date of the relevant invoice. Every debt which

hasn't been paid before the due date, will be increased with a compensative intrest equal to 10% on a year basis and will also be raised with a compensation equal to 10% of the amount due, with a minimum of 125,00 euro.

3. Every claim or complaint, related to the assignment effected by BVBA Gevex or related to the relevant invoice of BVBA Gevex, has to be

formulated in written, within 14 days after finishing the assignment or within 14 days afther invoice date and this on penalty of nullification.

4. The principal who gives the assignment to BVBA Gevex commits himself irrevocable to secure BVBA Gevex ,as well for the sum total as the intrests, costs and penalties, and this on first request for claims which are formulated  by the Administration of  Customs and Excises, for the clearance of T1 documents and/or any other customs or excise regulation which arise from the assignment given to BVBA Gevex by the principal.

5. The person who gives the assignment to BVBA Gevex is liable, in the presence of BVBA Gevex, for every dammage , of any kind what so

ever, which is the result of an irregularity, innaccuracy or incompleteness of the data and/or documents, in reference to the goods, which are object of the assignment, given to BVBA Gevex.

6. Any dispute shall be referred to the Court of Antwerp Belgium exclusively.